SSDM - Sibilo Software Development Model

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Hands-on training is provided to all members of the team, from developers to project managers. For programmers, previous knowledge of Object Oriented programming, preferably in .Net framework, is essential.

An average developer is trained in 1 day and can use SSDM to a level of competency and independent of Sibilo within 1 month.

Developer’s Corner on SSDM web site is a very useful resource for the entire project team, especially the programmers. It includes sample code for all the Sibilo.DBL functions.


Sibilo provides ongoing support for all the members of the SSDM network, subject to the Service Level Agreement.

One of the strengths of SSDM is its growing online community. Members often find that even when they are asleep, somebody on the other side of the world answers their queries and offer solutions to their problems. Sibilo supports this community by running email groups and online forums.

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