SSDM - Sibilo Software Development Model

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About SSDM

In an ever-changing global software industry, companies of all sizes that develop software applications and solutions face similar challenges such as code continuity, sustainability, quality and more. Sibilo® Software Development Model, SSDM, is the answer to those challenges! It is the perfect combination of a proven Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, state of the art technology and specialist assistance.

SSDM = Methodology + Technology + Assistance

Why be customer-centric?

Early customer involvement and immediate feedback in the software development process can give rise to great products, while their absence may easily doom the project [1] by increasing overall development time and cost; therefore, the next generation of RAD methods will be customer-centric. Microsoft, for example, publicly announced on March 23, 2006 that they will focus more on this and as a result, an "agility team" has been set-up within Microsoft.

SSDM provides a framework for building database applications many times faster than traditional methods. The huge amount of time saved on implementing an idea, however complex it is, can be spent with the customers in understanding how their needs can be better addressed. SSDM's development procedures force developers to put the customer in the centre and analyse their requirements wholly.

With built-in quality procedures, SSDM promotes best practice across silos, departments or the entire organisation. It even facilitates code exchange between various organisations that are completely independent of each other.

SSDM is not only for programmers; it helps analysts, testers, project managers, business owners, and anybody else involved in the software development process and the development of a product.

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